VIRGINIA BEACH -- Protesters lined the streets in front of Green Run High School in anticipation of President Obama's visit.

Brenda Hardison held up a sign that said 'Tax and Spend Obummer'.

'I'm on a limited income. I can't afford anymore taxes. I don't think Obama Care is going to continue to exist, but if it does we'll lose our home,' said Hardison.

Other signs included messages that read, 'Defend Liberty Defeat Obama', and 'No Vomit Care'.

'This flies in the face of freedom and what this whole nation is about,' said Robert Dean.

Alex Rendon is a student at the College of William and Mary and used the protest as an opportunity to campaign for Republican hopeful, Mitt Romney.

'I'm in college for the next three years and if the president is in office for another four years, you know I'm worried about having a job,' said Rendon.

Representative Scott Rigell, 2nd District, said that he welcomes the President to Virginia Beach.

'We're glad that the president has come to Hampton roads. It's really always a privilege to have the President of the United States in our area,' said Rep. Rigell.

He added, 'I do have two important questions for the president though. The first is: why is he not leading and averting tremendous budget cuts that are coming this January unless he acts? And the second is: why is he not allowing Virginia to explore and harvest the energy that's right off of our coast that would create 18 thousand jobs?'

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