NORFOLK -- The president and his rival are airing negative campaign messages about each other, and the election is still more than three months away.

The latest one attacks presumptive GOP candidate Mitt Romney. In the television ad, Romney is singing 'America the Beautiful.' Meantime, it has text that tells viewers he sent American jobs overseas. It's referring to Romney's tenure at Bain Capital, the money he earned there, and alleged foreign bank accounts.

One Hampton Roads political analyst says the issue presents a big problem for Romney.

'He has a big problem on his hands, and he has to get attention off Bain Capital and onto the major economic issues. Obama has him between a rock and a hard place right now,' said Chuck Dunn, Regent University Government Dean.

Virginia Beach resident Bill Burch says the accusations are false. He spent 26 years as lead engineer at an electronics and electrical engineering company that came to be acquired by German-based Siemens. That was after Bain Capital bought out the predecessor firm and cut waste in the early 90's.

On Monday, Romney countered by demanding that President Obama back away from his persistent attacks on Romney's record at Bain, advising the president it would be better 'If you spent some time speaking about your record.'

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