NORFOLK-- Last month, several travelers at Norfolk International Airport reported their bags had gone missing.

On Sept. 11 and 12, travelers reported their losses to Delta, Southwest and US Airways.

After reviewing surveillance video, officials spotted two suspicious women and a man taking luggage from the baggage claim and leaving the building.

Later in the month, airport police caught up with the two women in the parking lot. Authorities say the women gave up the name of their male accomplice.

After investigating, police discovered the man was connected to some pawned items that had been in some missing airport bags.

However, police have not made an arrest. Officials say they're investigating the thefts and increasing security measures tomake sure checked bags leave the airport in the right hands.

One air traveler said the thought of someone stealing his bags would be a nightmare.

Reggie Robbins traveled in from Tennessee this week, but generally flies two times a year.

'The last thing you want is to come here and those things are gone or you can't get access to them,' said Robbins.

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