PORTSMOUTH -- 'I'm having a vigil,' Linda Archie said, simply. 'It's not saying good-bye. It's just to bring the public's attention back on it.'

More than a year ago, Archie's daughter, Kathryn (Bene') Griffin seemed to disappear. She supposedly left Perry's Cutz on Victory Boulevard on a bicycle.

Since January 7, 2012, the last time Archie saw her daughter, no one in Griffin's family has heard from her. Archie stopped by the barber shop that day with her grandchildren to visit Griffin.

'She made sure she was in they seat belts. She hugged 'em. She kissed 'em. She told 'em she love 'em. She said, 'Mama, Ilove you,' and I said, 'I love you, too,' and that was it,' Archie recalled. 'When I pulled off, and I looked in the mirror, and she was standing there, all I could say was, 'Lord, my child.' For some reason, I said that, you know, and I left.'

Saturday, January 18, Archie will hold that 'vigil' for her daughter at Big Red Barn, across the street from the barber shop. It begins at 5:00 p.m.

Archie acknowledged Griffin has a drug problem. It was part of the reason why she took custody of Griffin's son and daughter long before she disappeared. Archie said Griffin remained an active part of the children's lives and is certain she would not have chosen to leave them or cut herself off from her family.

'I want my child back whatever kind of way I can get her. I pray that she come back standing up straight, you know, where I can hug her and talk to her,' Archie stated. 'I have to accept whatever way is that she come back. I have to accept it, I have to endure it.'

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