NORFOLK -- From fingernails to toenails, Joe was ready for to learn how to be a nail technician.

Joe was training with Debbie Sawyer, who has been at Changes Spa in Norfolk for 16 years.

'I wanted a change of pace. I was in an office doing the same thing everyday. The same people, the same everything, and I just got bored,' said Sawyer.

'The first step is filing in order to get fingernails ready for cleansing gels, cuticle trims and paraffin treatments,' Sawyer told Joe.

A nail technician needs knowledge first.

'You're handling people's hands, so they need to know all about the nail diseases. They need to know about sanitation. They need to know technique,' said Sawyer.

Joe's coworkers at the salon were equally busy -- pampering, and as Joe found out, listening.

'We listen to other people talk to us. I'm a listener not a talker. So, yes, I listen to everything Deanne wants to tell me,' said nail tech Judy Hanbury.

Joe realizes why customers call all this therapeutic.

'It's not just like manicure and pedicure, sometimes it's a little psychology job,' Hanbury said.

As Joe painted, he asked Debbie what kind of person it takes to be a nail technician.

'Well, they have to have good customer service. They have to like people because someone is sitting in your chair sometimes for hours,' Debbie said.

'Also, with a good nail technician, I like the fact that she recommends things I can do differently to make sure that I am protecting my nails and keeping my nails healthy,' said customer Betty Joe Roberts.

How would Joe do as a professional nail technician?

'Joe I think we could grow you,' Debbie said.

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