UPDATE 4:00 p.m.: Drew Lankford says crews have covered 900 miles of primary roads in the city of Virginia Beach. Now, they are starting to treat those main roads.

Lankford warns that just because roads are plowed, doesn't mean they're safe. Black ice is a major concern tonight and tomorrow morning.

Crews will focus on plowing 340 miles of secondary roads Wednesday night. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow which could help melt some of the snow.


VIRGINIA BEACH-While you might be taking a snow day, emergency crews are working Wednesday and responding to accidents.

The fire department's transportation group is making sure first responders can get out of their snow-covered neighborhoods.

Since 8 a.m., Cpt. Joe Gaspar has been driving around in an SUV truck picking up officers who don't have a safe ride to work.

'We're driving 4-wheel drive and we're able to get into the neighborhood to get these people where they need to be,' Gaspar said.

Plow truck drivers are also out in full force.

Public Works spokesperson Drew Lankford stressed there's a lot of work to be done.

'Even after we clear the snow, we have to get the ice off. It's not going to be safe situation.'

Lankford said 30 city trucks have been out all night and the Va. Dept. of Transportation sent 50 trucks to assist.

'They're plowing and it still keeps falling,' he said. 'We want everyone to stay off the roads. It makes it easier for the crews to get the roads work done.'

Lankford says it could take all day to remove the snow from main roads. Don't expect neighborhoods and side streets to be plowed, officials explained.

Cpt. Gaspar advises drivers to stay off the road so crews can plow the streets.

'The roads are still terrible. People are out on the roads, and shouldn't be unless your job depends on it,' Gaspar said.

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