A new return policy is now in place for iPhone buyers. Starting today, if you buy an iPhone directly from Apple, you only have 14 days to return it - for any reason - as long as it's undamaged. You use to have up to 30 days. All other products purchased from Apple are already subject to the 14-day return policy.

Speaking of iPhone, you can soon use it with the Starbucks app not only pay for your drink but also to tip your barista. Starting March 19, digital tipping will be part of the app. The android version of the app is expected later this year.

Oreo lovers get ready. A new vending machine just unveiled at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas lets you customize your own Oreo. The machine uses a technique similar to a 3-D printer to make your cookie with whatever flavors you want. Some of the flavors include banana, mint, birthday cake and lime. Plus, it only takes two minutes to make your tasty treat.

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