HAMPTON -- Just when you thought winter it was over... surprise!

Evening rush hour commuters in Hampton probably thought they wouldn't drive in snow for at least another year. Drivers had to remember to drive with winter caution.

'The roads are getting worse as time goes on.' said Duane Stephens of Newport News, 'Thought it shouldn't be like this it should be nice and sunny outside it should be good weather but I'm enjoying the weather.'

At a neighborhood hardware store, there weren't many shovels or salt for ice-covered driveways.

'No, it's the end of the season,' said Brian Davis, an assistant manager at Lowe's, 'Plus with the increase of the snowy weather this year that supply has been strained we don't have it in inventory.'

You will find plenty lawn fertilizer and seed. Under the light dusting of snow are other signs of warm weather:gas grills for cookouts, plants waiting to be go in your yard and lawn mowers.

Things could be worse, said Todd Armstrong.

'Rather have this than hurricanes and all that mess. You got to look on the bright side,' he noted.

For some people, the cold weather thoughts of school and a quiz coming Wednesday morning for Peter Grimes.

'I don't mind it too much,' he said. 'I just need it to snow enough to cancel school.'

13News Now Meteorologist Craig Moeller says the most snow fell at Wallops Island on the Eastern Shore - about 2 inches - and Nassawaddox got around 1 inch.

A warm-up is coming - in the 50s on Thursday and almost 70 degrees Friday and Saturday, Moeller noted.

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