Amazon has unveiled its new set top box called 'Fire TV.' The $99 product will allow users to stream video content from Netflix, Hulu-plus and Amazon prime, as well as music services like Pandora.

Some smaller financial institutions are being warned to watch out for attacks aimed at increasing ATM withdrawal limits. The Secret Service says cyber-criminals are trying to access the web-based ATM control panels used by bank employees. Those panels set the amount of money customers can withdraw. In order to gain access, criminals are reportedly targeting bank employees with phishing emails aimed at tricking them into divulging their log-in credentials.

Philadelphia Brand cream cheese, after 140 years, has a new recipe with more real fruits and vegetables. Kraft says these new versions of 'Philly,' which have no artificial flavors, are meant to appeal to more health conscious consumers.

This may give you something to think about as you eat your next bowl of cereal. Researchers at Cornell University found that kids are more likely to choose a brand of cereal if the character on the box is staring directly into their eyes. They found it establishes trust.

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