NORFOLK -- Come July 1, mopeds must be titled and registered andThe Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is gearing up for a major media campaign to alert owner-operators about about the new law.

You'll pay a one-time title fee of $10 and an annual registration fee of $20.25 DMV will issue one license plate that needs to go on the rear of the moped.

DMV spokesperson Sunni Brown said some 1,500 moped owners have already titled their bikes. She emphasized the new law is designed to help with stolen property reports and accidents and identities in the case of fatalities.

Currently the law requires every moped driver to carry a government-issued photo ID. This does not have to be a drivers license but should show name, address and date of birth.

'This new law will make it more difficult for people with revoked or suspended drivers licenses from hopping on a moped to get around,' believes Roy Ford, of Sunrise Cycle in Norfolk.

Click here to download the brochurce from DMV on moped titling and registration and other rules.

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