Turns out this past winter was one of the worst for fliers in almost 20 years. New government numbers show more than 64,000 flights were canceled in the first quarter of this year due in part to all the snow and ice storms that happened across the country. Because of new government regulations, carriers are quicker to cancel flights these days, sometimes even doing it a day ahead of a storm. It's also a cost-saving measure because canceling quickly helps to reduce expenses.

Here's some consumer news of interest to our military community. Student loan giant Sallie Mae has agreed to pay nearly $100 million in fines to federal regulators. That settles allegations that Sallie Mae was charging excessive interest rates. Those impacted could be reimbursed.

Here's something that might be worth a toast. For the first time ever, the United States is becoming the world's best wine market. Consumption rose slightly here last year. In France, it fell 7%, knocking that country down to second place.

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