7:20 p.m. UPDATE: The Beach council voted to approve the operating budget which includes the parking fee increase.The budget passed with only one dissenting vote.


VIRGINIA BEACH -- It could cost more to park at the Oceanfront beginning this summer.

Resort-area civic leagues have requested enhanced parking management initiatives. The city is developing a parking strategy to meet those needs, but it will require additional revenue.

The plan is to raise the hourly parking meter rate from $1.50 to $2.

The resident discount fee of $2 would also increase to $3 for city parking lots, providing a discounted flat rate after 5:00 p.m.

The rate hike isn't going over well with some locals.

'You want to go somewhere where they aren't nickle and diming you to death,' said Virginia Beach resident Dick Jones.

According to the ordinance scheduled for approval Tuesday night, the added revenue will pay for increased enforcement, infrastructure replacement and maintenance.

'The city does need money to keep everything looking nice,' said Maurice Smith, a visitor from Mobile, Alabama.

If approved, the rate increases will go into effect the first of July.

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