VIRGINIA BEACH--'Miles,' a 7-month-old Corgi, has a broken paw after 2 coyotes attacked him early Thursday morning.

Owner Malinda Scott says she let Miles and two other dogs outside to take care of business around 12:45 a.m. She heard the Corgi give a loud whine and ran outside to see two coyotes going after the dogs.

'The coyotes were as big as German Shepherds and didn't care I came outside,' says Scott.

She scooped up the dogs and scared off the coyotes with a stick.

Scott says this is the second time in two weeks she's seen the two coyotes together, but it's the first time they have attacked her pets.

She called 911 but says the coyotes were gone when an officer arrived.

Scott warns people in Pungo to watch out for two large coyotes, one dark and one light colored.

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