VIRGINIA BEACH -- Mary Harvey stood in her driveway Thursday evening next to what she described as her '$300 headache.'

Covered in plastic, it was a spot on her SUV where a small window used to be. Harvey's daughter and a neighbor noticed the smashed glass in the morning. Harvey and some other people in Holland Meadows were victims of vandalism.

'I thought maybe I was targeted,' Harvey told 13News. 'It was almost kind of good that other people were involved, that it wasn't personal.'

Virginia Beach Police received reports of 3 vandalized cars on Thomas Jefferson Drive and Richard Lee Court.

The neighborhood association let people know about those as well as about a dozen other instances in which someone went into unlocked cars. In all cases, the person or people involved seemed to rummage through the cars.

'I really think it was just to have fun or, I don't know, just foolishness,' said Harvey.

The general feeling is that young people are responsible for causing the damage. The general concern is that with summer vacation on the horizon, there could be an increase in crimes such as vandalism.

In addition to recommending people lock car doors and be more mindful of who is coming into and out of the community, the neighborhood association is encouraging people to report problems to police, no matter how small the trouble appears.

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