HAMPTON -- Hampton City Council held a special meeting Tuesday to consider several measures that would help police and other departments crack down on crime in response to recent shootings.

City officials said violent and property crime in Hampton has been decreasing for several years, but recent shootings have prompted city officials to consider changes.

Two young children were hit by gunfire on July 10, as they sat on the porch with their grandfather. Police have yet to find the shooters.

According to Police Chief Thomas Townsend, there have been more homicides in the first seven months of 2013 than they would normally see in a year.

City Manager Mary Bunting ordered the special council meeting and said she will not tolerate the increase in gun violence.

'It is not who Hampton is. It is not anything that we condone and illegal activities must be dealt with swiftly,' said Bunting.

Council is considering several immediate measures to help police be more proactive, such as increased police presence in neighborhoods, more door to door campaigning and implementing mobile and fixed cameras in crime hot spots.

'Some of these ordinances will help to set the community tone and give our folks additional tools to ensure that we are able to crack down on the gun violence that is disturbing to us all,' said Bunting.

Bunting also presented the following ordinances to be considered in August:

1. 10 p.m. curfew for teens under 13 years old
2. Limits to hotel residency
3. Rental inspection and permitting
4. Enhance nightclub and special events enforcement

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