SUFFOLK-- Following the shooting death of 26-year-old Lloyd Green at Cypress Manor public housing apartments in June, some Suffolk residents are now urging community leaders to help end gun violence in their community.

The Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority will be discussing security and safety in public housing complexes at their meeting Monday night.

Calvin Williams lives near Cypress Manor and said it's not uncommon to hear gunfire in the area and believes crime is a rising problem.

'I have kids, so most of the time my kids don't even play in the front yard. They play in the backyard because I've had an incident where a guy actually got shot in front of my house,' said Williams.

Alyssa Fonoimoano has family that lives at Cypress Manor and said officials need to invest more in the people who live there to help curb the violence.

'How can you want to stop the violence when you don't know these people? The bullet doesn't have a name and it goes anywhere,' said Fonoimoano.

She also suggested that the units be upgraded so people would take more pride in where they live.

'I feel like they should do a clean-up here as well as upgrade the housing. They should put a park in place for children. They should make it feel comfortable for the residents to live here,' Fonoimoano said.

The SRHA said they don't have an immediate solution to the rising crime problem, but Executive Director Clarissa McAdoo said they are working to get a grant that would be used to tear down and redevelop several public housing complexes.

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