1/31 UPDATE 6 a.m.: The Public Works Department reports 98% of the city's primary roads are clear with all of them passable. Continuing focus on the secondary roads and work will continue with 24-hour operations.
Of particular note, the entrances to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center are clear.

PORTSMOUTH-People in Portsmouth are digging out from under 10' of snow.

Along Victory Blvd. early Thursday, the road was packed with snow and ice, but cars could make their way as long as they didn't slam on brakes and drove with caution, even if the roads look okay.

Getting out of the neighborhood to get to those clear main roads is the tricky part. Neighborhoods and secondary roads are still messy, but officials said at midnight, crews shifted their focus to work on secondary roads throughout the city.

officials said crews are plowing the roads as much as possible first and then treating them with the salt and sand mixture.

Staff are continuing to monitor the bridges and primary roads and ready to re-treat any areas as necessary, said spokeswoman Dana Woodson.

All primary roads continue to be passable, she added.

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