VIRGINIA BEACH -- Residents in the Chimney Hill neighborhood are concerned about recent violent crimes near their homes and some say they are ready to move.

In the last year, there have been two murders and a home was riddled with bullet holes.

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Richelle Jones learned about the stabbing death of Rosetta Carr on Monday. It happened right around the corner from her house. An arrest was made, but it still has people shaken up.

'This is the third high violent crime we've had in six weeks in this very small area,' Jones said.

She's concerned that rising crime in the neighborhood is affecting her home's value.

'Now you have families that are not only scared to go inside or outside, but also scared as far as their property values,' Jones said.

Remax real estate agent Linda Fox-Jarvis says crime could play a part in your home's value.

'If statistics are that people could go online and see that there's a lot of crime in an area, certainly that's going to make it less desirable,' Fox-Jarvis said.

Jones says she and her family will do what they have to do now to move and hopefully sell their home.

'That's it. We've got to throw in the towel and its time for us to get out,' Jones said.

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