A new report shows that in just the last 12 months, half of American adults have been hacked. It's not just individuals at risk, either. The study finds that businesses and institutions are lagging behind in their efforts to combat cyber crime.

It is Apple's most expensive acquisition ever. The tech giant confirms the rumor is true -- it is buying Dr. Dre's 'Beats' for $3 billion. Surprisingly, Apple's main reason for buying Beats wasn't the famous headphones, it was the music streaming service.

Men could soon be buying Cialis without a prescription. Under a new deal, the impotence drug could be offered over the counter starting in 2018. Of course, that deal still needs government approval.

Could you soon see race cars on the roadway? Delta Wing Technologies is looking to launch a new aerodynamic vehicle that would be legal to drive on public roads plus, are you ready for this, the vehicle gets 70 miles a gallon. No word yet on which automaker may sign on to manufacture the car.

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