NORFOLK -- Volunteers fanned out in Plum Point Park near the Midtown Tunnel Saturday, rounding up all kinds of trash that found its way into the protected wetlands.

It was one area of focus for Chesapeake Bay Foundation'sClean the Bay Day.

'I think we have 250 volunteers. We have Port of Virginia, CSX, and SKW,' said Donna Circelli of The Port of Virginia.

Wina Giddens, who volunteered for 6 years, explained, 'The river is our community here. Everybody lives close to a river. We all are responsible for help keeping it clean, and I think it's very important to do.'

10-year-old twins Paola and JamesMatias loaded their trash onto a moblie unit that collects bags filled with litter.

When asked why it was important to help with the clean-up, Paola said, 'So marine animals don't have to die, like fish or something.'

Clean the Bay Day is an annual event.

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