VIRGINIA BEACH Afather's mission to establish an official and personalized flag in tribute to every fallen servicemember has made major strides.

This month, the man behind the Honor and Remember flag, George Lutz, has gotten sponsorship from the restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A and shaken hands with more people than most people do in two years.

Five years after he lost his son George Lutz II in Iraq, he has made it his mission to make his homemade flag a national symbol. His son designed it.

In February and March, he climbed up the steps of Capitol Hill to persuade lawmakers to introduce House Bill HR-546 for the third and hopefully last time.

'I made it a mission to reach all 541 offices and meet them personally,' says Lutz.

Lutz left DC with 150 co-sponsors and a promise from the chairman of the Judiciary Committee that the bill would move and it wouldn't sit.

He has learned in the last four years of his mission that though his grief is personal, it is collective, noting he's presented more than 500 flags over the past several years.

'There has never been a recognized symbol to say thank you,' Lutz notes.

He wants the flag because Memorial Day doesn't feel like enough anymore. He says most Americans see it as simply a vacation day instead of a day to remember those who gave their lives for freedom.

'This has to happen. But still, would I give it all up for one more day to have him home? Yeah, probably. It's tough.'

You can donate, sign the petition or purchase a personalized flag on the Honor and Remember Website.

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