VIRGINIA BEACH - Fire that destroyed a van spread to two townhouses early Wednesday.

Firefighters were called to Dighton Court in the Rosemont Forest subdivision just after midnight.

The two families escaped the fire in their homes.

According to Capt. Joshua Goyet, most of the fire was on the exterior of the buildings and crews were able to get it knocked down within ten minutes.

'The van created a challenge for us,' said Goyet. 'There were different fuels and stuff like that inside.'

Dina Tiberio was watching TV when she heard an explosion that knocked a picture off of her wall. When she looked out her front door, she saw her neighbor's van and house on fire and it was getting closer to her home.

'I was so scared, really. I was thinking of all the things I was going to miss,' she said. 'I write novels and children's stories, I publish books and I didn't want to lose any of it.'

The van was destroyed; damage to the townhouses was primarily on the outside.

A family of four can't return to their home and the Red Cross is helping them. Tiberio was able to get back into hers.

'I'm grateful that the firemen were here immediately,' she said.

The fire has been ruled accidental, but investigators are working to determine how it started.

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