PORTSMOUTH -- Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson says there is an increase in the number of people trying to trick the system by using antique license plates on their cars.

For years, the antique-tag loophole is something drivers could get away with.

DMV's policy did not include registering or getting an antique car inspected to receive the special license plate.

Drivers would use the tags, even if their car didn't fit the category, to avoid the extra fees at the DMV, but the policy has changed.

'If you have antique tags and no inspection sticker we are going to stop you,' Watson said.

Watson has made a concentrated effort to pull people over if he sees an antique tag without an inspection sticker.

He says a lot of times these drivers are easy to spot.

'I saw a truck with ladders on the back of it riding with these tags,' he said. 'He didn't have inspection stickers, so I'm going to take his tags.'

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