VIRGINIA BEACH -- Jody Shiflett has always loved the game of basketball and still plays, even though he's in a wheelchair.
He's been a Virginia Beach Sun Wheeler for 16 years.

'It was in 1993 and I was in the Army and I had a parachute accident while training at Fort Lee. I broke my back when I landed,' he said.

He hits the road next weekend as the Sun Wheelers compete for the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship in Denver.

Don Weeks, a supporter of the team since 1998, says he's inspired by the players can-do attitude and their competitive energy.

'If I think I have any problems during the day, I am certainly reminded by these guys what they face and the challenges and my problems go away,' he stated.

To learn more about the Sun Wheelers and to support them, contact 439-8031 or write to Va. Beach Sun Wheelers, 4164 Va. Beach Blvd., Suite 100, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

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