NORFOLK -- Eaglecam is back up and running for another season.

The eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden decided to build a new nest. The camera had to change to a new tree with a different angle. It has been five seasons and fifteen fledglings this same eagle pair has produced.

'Well for what we know of the Chesapeake Bay, with a lot of the work that has been done by DGIF (Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries) and the Center for Conservation Biology, this pair is probably one of the most productive eagle pairs in the Chesapeake Bay area,' said Steven Living with the Department Of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Residents in every state in the union and also a number of foreign countries have now logged on to Eaglecam. Teachers like to point out items of interest to students.

'And the characteristics change. For example they both moulted in new feathers. Last year she had a black feather on top of her head and this year he has a black feather on top of his head. So that's one of the things to look for,' said Reese Lukei, a research biologist.

Not only can you watch their everyday lives, but you can also visit Norfolk Botanical Garden to see them in person.

'Have a lot of opportunity for people to see the cam here in the visitors center. They get to go out to the nest we will do some walking tours later in the spring,' said Perry Mathewes, Director of Educational Programming at Norfolk Botanical Garden.

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