VIRGINIA BEACH -- Among the beautiful rooms and furnishings inside the new Hill Burdette home is a nail salon for Beverly who is a trained nail technician.

Daughter Kenisha showed us her room that is all about French cooking. Her sister Kayla gave us a sneak peek at her room that's all about dance.

'It feels great. It feels really, really good and I hope people are inspired to do one thing once a month no matter what it is. Just be inspired to do one thing to help somebody once a month. That's how I got started,' said Hill.

Husband Fred showed us his man cave complete with a sauna. He said he could not get over the reception the family received when they got home from Beverly Hills, California on 'move that bus' day.

'I mean when I got back to the neighborhood, the welcome I got was amazing. I mean we have a great community here,' said Burdette.

Lead builder Duane Cotton presented Fred and Beverly a check for $43,000 Sunday night before the ABCShow at a special viewing party at the Commodore Theater in Portsmouth.

'You know the slogan with the show was it's our time to make a difference. And that's our motto. It's our time and each one of us can make a difference in our Hampton Roads community and the homeless in our area,' said Cotton.

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