NORFOLK -- A new website is catering to military members and their families. It's an online site where military can post all kinds of things in classified ads - everything from houses to cars and furniture.

'When you're selling military to military, you can register your account on a .mil address, and when you do that, you have a little extra emblem of security and it shows up on your listings,' explained Kristin Beauchamp.

The site is called Sarge's List.

It's designed to help military families with the major moves done usually every two to three years. It's also helping spouses find employment.

'In my first three years of marriage, I moved across the country three times. went from Maryland to California, from Florida to Virginia,' said Beauchamp who now works as a public relations manager for the website.

There is no fee for buyers or sellers using Sarge's List; however, if sellers wish to, they can buy additional features like the ability to post more photos.

Beauchamp says if the list really catches on, they will hire advertising sales associates in the top 20 military base communities in the world.

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