WILLIAMSBURG -- The College of William and Mary reports a sharp increase in alcohol violations amongst students.

According to the annual crime report, 40 percent more students were disciplined on alcohol-related issues in 2011.

There were 198 cases in 2010 compared to 278 in 2011.

Campus Police Chief Don Challis says the numbers aren't necessarily negative.

'It's a good thing when you realize that many of these disciplinary actions result from somebody calling about somebody else and that maybe it's somebody's entry into the system that gets them the resources they need,' says Challis.

Challis thinks one reason for the increase is that students are self-reporting binge drinking.

William and Mary has an amnesty policy that allows students to report if they or someone else is sick from alcohol or drugs.

'They're not worried about getting jammed up legally with student affairs if they're doing the right thing for a sick friend,' says Challis.

Senior Jake Lewitz helps with student health education and says that alcohol is addressed in-depth during freshmen orientation.

'What we can really do for students is give them this education and some background and that will help them make better decisions later on,' Lewitz said.

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