NORFOLK -- When Running Etc. decided to hold a Runners for Boston event, it hoped to attract 100 people to simultaneous runs in Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Instead, 400 people ran or walked Monday, leaving from the running store's locations in Ghent and Hilltop.

'It just kind of touched us all. It hit us in the gut,' said owner Mike Robinson. 'A lot of us have run Boston, and we've stood at that finish line, and we've had family members standing at that finish line. '

'I love the course. I know the course really well, so it was kind of my running home,' said Lane Brown who ran the Boston Marathon 5 times and lived in the city before moving to Norfolk.

'It was surreal to watch, actually, a lot of the hunt for the suspects go on in my old neighborhood,' Brown told 13News. 'I was just glad that everybody was safe.'

'Even if we're not up in Boston, there's still ways to support people across the country and to take a stand through financial or you know physical support,' explained runner Heather Byrne.

The event raised more than $15, 000 for One Boston Fund.

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