VIRGINIA BEACH (AP) -- Members of the Virginia Beach Resort Advisory Commission plan to take a late-night stroll at the Oceanfront to see firsthand what goes on after families leave the resort area.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the 11 p.m. Friday walk is in response to a request by the Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association for the city to reduce late-night parking hours at municipal and commercial lots. The association cites concerns about late-night 'behavioral issues'.

Residents who spoke with 13News Now said they like being at the Oceanfront any time.

'I never see families out this late, so I don't think that it'll be a problem,' said Shakia Williams, who lives in Va. Beach.

'We want to come out and enjoy ourselves and have a good time and I'm sure it would hurt the businesses that are around here,' said Drew Stout.

Some businesses oppose the change.

Ocean Horizon Properties owner Deborah Kassir says her company has businesses that are open after 11 p.m.

City spokesman Marc Davis says the City Council ultimately will decide whether to change the parking lots' hours.

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