Holly Matthews has her hands full. The mother of five became a single parent in 2008.

'I was out of work for three months. At that time, I depended on my mother for a lot of help financially. Christmas was going to be very hard that year and I wasn't sure how I was going to manage,' said Matthews.

That was the year Holly reached out to the Salvation Army.

Each year, we follow families on distribution day for the angel tree program. Holly participated for the first time in 2009 and was blown away by what she saw.

'I met a lot of single mothers, single fathers that were out there. Everybody was very fortunate and very thankful for this program,' continued Matthews.

This year, the Salvation Army has extended registration until November 15th. But people need to come to the Raby Road area command center in person.

'We talk to them. It allows us to get their information, (so they can) prove that they need the program and how many children that they have,' said Captain Brett Meredith, Salvation Army Area Commander.

It's all about verification. Last year sixteen thousand children were served and eight thousand Southside families had a better Christmas. Holly gets emotional when she talks about it.

'They were able to make that possible. That one day out of the year that does mean so much to the children, and that's what I think it is all about. It's about the children and making sure that they wake up and that they have a special day that day.'

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