6:55 a.m. UPDATE: The hearing has been continued, according to the Commonwealth's Attorney office.
3/12 UPDATE: Frederico Vick is scheduled for a preliminary hearing today in Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.
NORFOLK -- A Norfolk man who claims he tripped and dropped his baby now faces a second degree murder charge.

Frederico Vick, 30, said his 4-year-old daughter startled him while he was carrying his baby, Skylar-Raine Mcglothlin.

'I tripped off my toys and my baby hit the ground and I landed on my baby's stomach,' Vick said. 'Apparently my baby's head hit the floor and I panicked, I didn't know what to do.'

From the Norfolk City Jail, Vick told 13News Now he didn't call 911 although the baby started to vomit.

He said he put his daughter to bed because he thought she was asleep.

'I should've called the ambulance, but I really didn't know that she was suffering for her life...It appeared she was all right,' he said.

Vick said about one hour passed until the baby's mother came home and called the authorities. Skylar-Raine was then rushed by emergency crews to Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters.

The four-month-old girl was later removed from life support and died from her injuries.

'She's gone, I didn't mean for this to happen I didn't know what to do,' he said emotionally.

Vick remains in the Norfolk City Jail without bond.

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