CHESAPEAKE -- Chesapeake council is considering an ordinance that would restrict dog tethering.

The proposed ordinance would make it illegal to leave dogs unattended outdoors on chains, leashes or cables for more than an hour.

Tethers must be at least three times the length of a dog's body, no more than 10 percent of its weight and attached to a properly fitted collar or body harness. Dogs younger than 6 months or in heat may not be tethered.

A violation would be a misdemeanor subject to a $250 fine.

The proposal will come before the city council on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

If it's adopted, Chesapeake will join Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Suffolk and Portsmouth in restricting how, and how long, dogs may be tied up outdoors.

Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth limit tethering to three hours in a 24-hour period and set other restrictions.

Suffolk and Hampton recently adopted ordinances banning the practice outright.

There is currently no state law restricting tethering.

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