3/10 UPDATE: Reports have been taken for five apartments for breaking and entering. At this time, it appears that four of the five apartments have items missing such as electronics and jewelry, said Officer Holly McPherson.
The incidents remain under investigation and there have been no arrests.
NEWPORT NEWS It appears fire victims at The Towers have become crime victims after someone broke into several condemned units at the high-rise.

Newport News officers said somebody burglarized at least seven apartments on the ninth floor, which inspectors condemned after a fire in the building Friday.

'I had over $800, $900 worth of jewelry up in there,' said Elizabeth Chambliss, a tenant on the ninth floor who said her unit was burglarized.

Lisa Griffith said she found her apartment door kicked in and most of her valuables stolen.

'The computer is gone. The stereo is gone. Everything is gone,' said Griffith.

The tenants say the apartment management did not have adequate security in place to prevent the looting.

'It's like nobody cares,' said Chambliss. 'They didn't try to put no security up there to watch over our stuff.'

13News Now reached out to the apartment's security but it declined to comment.

Authorities say Friday's fire was accidental and started in a kitchen on the ninth floor. 37 people were displaced as a result.

Police have not said if they have made any arrests for the break-ins.

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