Spring time, what's not to love. You've got the sunshine, the warmer temperatures and of course the beautiful flowers. But with flowers also come bees. Now if you're scared of bees, wasps or hornets guess what there are some things you can do to avoid getting stung.'

First off don't wear perfume or cologne. Bees detect and follow strong scents and smelling like a flower will definitely attract them.Along those same lines you should avoid wearing bright colors, especially floral prints. Also rinse out your garbage and recycling cans and make sure the lids on them as a tight as possible.

Another tip and this might sound strange especially if you're scared of them. but if a bee, a wasp or a hornet comes buzzing by your head just try and stay calm and still. what they are trying to do is figure out if you're a flower. once they realize you're not they'll just fly away.

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