VIRGINIA BEACH-- Police are investigating after a lifeguard discovered a hidden camera inside a locker room at the Great Neck Recreation Center Sunday, according to a search warrant.

A lifeguard inside the women's employee locker room noticed an electrical socket facing the lockers she'd never noticed before, according to court documents.

The electrical socket turned out to be a disguised camera.

'It makes me really uncomfortable to think that somebody would do that,' said Mackenzie Wells, a gym member at the recreation center.

The lifeguard turned the camera, which contained an SD card inside, over to supervisors.

The search warrant says at one point another employee got a hold of the camera, and when he left it, the SD card was gone, according to the police search warrant.

The court document says the employee in question denied taking the footage.

Police have searched his Virginia Beach home, confiscating several electronics, and videos.

After learning of the discovery Sunday, staffers searched the rest of the city's recreation centers, according to Director of Parks and Recreation Michael Kalvort.

Kalvort tells 13News Now the city has taken 'appropriate action' in regards to the employee questioned in the search warrant.

Because there have been no official charges yet, 13News Now is withholding the man's identity.

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