NORFOLK -- Six weeks from Election Day, the races for Virginia's congressional seats are heating up.

As part of our series of candidate profiles, we're taking a look at Virginia's Fourth Congressional District and challenger Wynne Legrow, who admits he's in an uphill battle.

More than nine out of ten congressional challengers fail. Name recognition is key.

In Virginia's Fourth District, incumbent Republican Randy Forbes has been on the job since 2001, making it tough for Democratic challenger Legrow, a retired Emporia doctor.

Legrow is up against an entrenched incumbent who's been in that seat for nearly a decade, and for 22 years before that, Forbes was a proven vote-getter in the Virginia General Assembly.

Despite that, Legrow says he's ready to fight for issues that matter, like, tackling the national deficit by letting the Bush Administration tax cuts for America's wealthiest citizens expire.

'I think those in the lower income groups need to have the tax cuts extended so they will get money back in circulation and help; get us out of this recession. But the upper two or three percent already have made a large amount of money and they are not investing it, so I think it's best to let that expire at the end of the year as planned,' said Legrow.

Legrow supports cutting the defense budget, but at the same time, he joins Forbes in trying to protect workers at US Joint Forces Command as much as possible.

'What I've heard is both the current commanding officer and the previous commanding officer recommended that it be closed. But I would certainly like to keep as much as possible in the district and in so doing ... save as many jobs as we can.'

In politics, money is critical and Legrow appears to be in a ten-to-one cash disadvantage.

Federal Elections Commission records show he has raised about $77,000, to Forbes' more than $706,000.

As 13News' series of candidate profiles continues, we will interview the incumbent, Randy Forbes.

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