NORFOLK--From colonial fife and drum marching band music to a little bluesy gospel, you're sure to find some type of music you can jam to at the Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk.

It's the largest tattoo military musical display in the country.

Chris Morrell decided to come all the way from Vermont to take it all in. He loves music.

'Well sometimes I go to Halifax, Nova Scotia and other times Quebec City,' he said. 'Both of those have military tattoos as well. But this time thought I'd stay in the United States give this a try.'

You can enjoy plenty of music, marching and even an usual act -- soldiers from Canada take apart a Jeep and putting it back together in less than three minutes.

They did it, but why?

Sgt. Jason Armstrong says, 'Well it's just to demonstrate how quickly we can take things apart and put them back together basically.

Asked if the jeep's safe to drive, he chuckled, 'Sure ... it is for a short distance'.

The most spectacular pageantry is inside where military bands from the U.S. France and Norway perform with perfection and precision.

The Virginia International Tattoo continues through the weekend. Click here for the Website with information.

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