PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. -- Pennies are adding up in Pasquotank County.

The Board of Commissioners approved an increase of 13 cents on property taxes for residents.

That would place the tax rate at 76 cents for every $100 of valuation.

Commissioners say the tax base has fallen by more than $450 million over the last decade.

This new increase would only balance the budget, and the county would need more money to meet some of its growing needs.

County Manager Rodney Bunch presented options to the commissioners at a meeting Wednesday. Adding a penny to that 13-cent increase would give the county enough revenue to buy five vehicles for the sheriff's office. Another penny, which would place the tax rate at 78 cents, could buy a new fire truck for the Weeksville Fire Department.

Bunch concluded that every penny added to the tax rate would generate close to $300,000.

Still, some residents aren't happy paying more. Earl Lamb says he wants his tax dollars used more efficiently.

'They keep increasing property taxes and the streets aren't even fixed.'

The board voted against any additional raises, deciding to minimize the blow this year.

In order to meet some of the county's needs, including the addition of vehicles at the sheriff's office, they would have to pull money from the general fund.

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