10:49 a.m. UPDATE: Tonya Bundick was sentenced to total of 10.5 years, ordered to pay a $10K fine and $30,000 in restitution by Accomack Co. judge.

Bundick will have a new attorney moving forward on her other counts and any appeals. The judge agreed to allow new counsel for her Thursday.


9/4 UPDATE: Tonya Bundick is scheduled to be sentenced on arson charges related to two fires in Accomack County.
It's the first sentencing of what could be many more to come. She faces 61 additional arson counts.
A judge has ruled that she can have separate trials for each one.
The fires set in mostly abandoned buildings took place from November 2012 to April 2013.

11 a.m. UPDATE: The judge in the Tonya Bundick case denied her request to get new attorneys.
She faces more trials in September.

ACCOMACK COUNTY -- Convicted Eastern Shore arsonist Tonya Bundick has been granted a hearing in Accomack Thursday regarding a recent request for a new lawyer, officials told 13News Now.

In the handwritten letter, Bundick requested information on the procedure for removing the public defender from her case.

Bundick writes that the legal representation she has been receiving is 'ineffective.'

'I don't find the legal advice I am given to be in my best interests,' the letter states.

Bundick was found guilty on an arson count related to the March 2013 fire that destroyed a labor camp in Accomack County.

The jury has recommended a 3 1/2 year prison sentence with no chance of parole and a $10,000 fine. A judge will officially sentence Bundick in September.

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