VIRGINIA BEACH-- Lexi, a 10-month-old rottweiler, got a face full of pepper spray Friday, allegedly from a mail carrier who's now being charged with animal cruelty.

Virginia Beach Animal Control was called to a duplex on 23rd St. after the dog's owner, Mike Clements, complained about an attack on his dog.

'Lexi was on the front porch and I was inside and heard a painful yelp, no barking just a squeal,' says Clements.

When Clements got outside he says he saw the mailman walking away with the pepper spray still in his hand.

He says the mail carrier, 55-year-old Jun Alazas, handed him a card and told him to file a complaint if he didn't like it.

'His attitude was the worst part,' says Clements. 'If he said, 'Sorry I got scared,' then I could maybe understand. But he was mad at me for being upset that he sprayed my dog.'

Clements said he showed an animal control officer how Lexi was kept gated away from the mail box and couldn't get to Alazas.

The city says the officer agreed that the dog did not pose a threat, and on Saturday, Alazas was served with a summons charging him with animal cruelty.

USPS communications office has not responded to phone calls or emails sent by 13News.

The case will be heard in Virginia Beach General District Court on Nov. 26. If convicted of the Class-1 misdemeanor, Alazas could serve up to 12 months in jail or a pay a fine up to $2,500.

Clements says Lexi does not have any lingering injuries from the incident but was visibly in pain for a while.

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