NORFOLK -- Every Wednesday evening, people at Holy Trinity Catholic Church celebrate Mass. This week's liturgy was one of thanksgiving, coming just hours after Cardinals in Vatican City selected Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina as the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

Bergoglio chose the name Pope Francis in his new role as Pontiff.

'As soon as the white smoke went, our church bells started ringing for the first time since Pope Benedict resigned,' said Father Dan Beeman, Pastor. 'For Catholics the world over, something like this is pretty monumental, to have the first pope born in the Americas to bring a totally different perspective but, yet, to be so universal with our Catholic Christian faith.'

'He's gonna need a lot of prayers and a lot of help on our part to get him through a lot of the challenges that he's gonna face,' parishioner Janet Santoski told 13News.

'I'm sure one of the big things, you know, that we face today is the growth of the Church,' Gene Santoski said. 'A lot of people aren't coming to church as much as they used to in the past, and there's a lot of fallen-away Catholics out there, and we're gonna try, hopefully, he'll get us back on track that way and get people coming back and have some new and fresh ideas for our faith.'

'From what I hear, you know, he's a very humble, humble man, and he will lead us by example and in prayer. He's a man of the people,' offered Aaron Hostetter. 'He comes from the old school, but he's also moved with the Church, and he believes in this notion that they call the New Evangelization which is to use media, which is to use any means necessary and possible, all the trends, anything in the world to be able to transmit the Gospel.'

'I'm not entirely sure how he's going to do it or go about it,' said college student Angel Rapp, 'but I think it'll be really interesting, to say the least, to see how he brings tradition into the modern world and into our culture.'

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