POQUOSON -- Under the cool consistent spring rain.... Students, parents and school staff members turned out in huge numbers, not so much to see a soccer game, but to pay their respects to a lost loved one... 16-year old Brandon Love.

The Poquoson student loved and played soccer. He was found unresponsive in his home this past weekend. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. His death baffles police who say there's no apparent cause.

Its a tragedy that is certainly leaving a mark on this small town of Poquoson...

'Well it really does take a toll on the community,' said School Superintent, Dr. Jennifer Parish, 'Because we're so small and people really know everybody but also it helps us because we get so much support from everybody for the students and the families who go through these tragedies so i think it makes it little easier to have such a tight knit community '

Brandon's mom attended the game... and a moment silence was offered for the young player.

Brandon's older brother donned his little brothers jersey. He wore the number 20. As the team took the field no doubt what brandons friends and teammates said earlier went through their minds as they prepared to play... Probably one of the toughest games they'll ever play.

'It's just hard to know that he was playing with us Friday the next day hes not around anymore,' said Love's team mate Luke Lang.

Police and paramedics found Love unresponsive at his home around 10 a.m. Saturday, according to Poquoson Police Chief Cliff Bowen.

First responders took Love to Riverside Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

According to the team's coach, the entire soccer team is struggling to come to terms with Love's unexpected death.

'We're all basically numb from this situation. You can never really prepare yourself for something like this,' said coach Charles Sneddon.

Police are investigating Love's death while they wait for the results of an autopsy, which may take a week.

'It's important that we don't speculate (about the cause of death), and that we wait for the facts,' said Bowen.

Love, who was a student at Poquoson High School, reportedly suffered a wrist injury at school on Friday.

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