NEWPORT NEWS- Police say a teenager pulled out a toy gun in class.

It happened at New Horizons School in Newport News, said police spokesman Lou Thurston.

An off-duty officer working security at the technical school arrested the 15-year-old, he added.

The student entered a classroom around 8:50 a.m., and brandished what appeared to be a handgun while making threatening remarks, according to Thurston.

He explained having a fake gun is not a crime. However, waving one around like it is real is a felony charge. He also said the teacher thought it was real.

The teen is in juvenile detention on a Class 6 felony charge of brandishing a firearm.

New Horizons Education Center serves high school students interested in learning technical trades, such a auto repair or hair styling.

Precious Leonard attends New Horizons. She said it's childish for a high school student to bring a toy gun to school.

'Usually you hear about that in elementary schools, or middle schools,' she said.

Other students say it's rare that students make threats at their school.

13News Now researched the issue, finding no reports of students bringing toy guns to the technical school.

Monday's incident is the first case since 2007, according to the Virginia Department of Education.

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