NORFOLK - As Tropical Storm Karen moves towards the Gulf coast, some coastal residents may feel more vulnerable, wondering whether the government shutdown will affect the emergency information they need.

While rain from the storm is going to hit Hampton Roads the first part of next week, public safety information will be available, wherever you live.

Robb Braidwood, the deputy emergency coordinator for the City of Chesapeake, say services related to public safety or property damage are still in place.

'We as emergency managers at the local level are still getting weather alerts from the National Weather Service, we are still getting product development from the National Hurricane Center and our partners in Homeland Security are still working,' he stresses.

Some online resources won't be there like website, which is FEMA's preparedness website, and social media sites aren't being updated, but you can get up-to-date information from state and local sources, including's Weather Center and our mobile app.

FEMA on Thursday had started recalling furloughed employees 'necessary to serve functions of the agency that protect life and property' and its Hurricane Liaison Team in Miami's National Hurricane Center was reactivated.

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