VIRGINIA BEACH - Schools are about to be graded the same way students are.

A new A - F grading scale for schools to take effect next year and some officials don't like it.

Governor Bob McDonnell supported the legislation passed by the General Assembly as a way for parents to understand how their schools are performing.

The Virginia Beach School Board, along with other educators, want the law repealed and members passed a resolution to that end.

'No one single grade can accurately describe school performance because there are multiple indicators of a school's 'performance.' Issuing a single grade to a school oversimplifies the complexity of measuring a school's success,' it reads.

School leaders argue labeling a school as an 'F' won't help improve achievement and could make it difficult to recruit teachers.

Right now, schools are already rated by accreditation. Schools that don't measure up are accredited with warning or denied accreditation after several years of failing.

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