UPDATE3/25:Kevin Irish was found 'NotGuilty' on misdomeanor charges of brandishing a firearm in Williamsburg/James City County General District Court on March 20th, 2014. He tells 13News Now that he will not be returning to work atColonial Williamsburg.

UPDATE 11/14: 'The employee has been suspended pending the result of the investigation. We have standards of conduct to protect the safety of our guests. Bringing any type of weapons to work is not allowed,' Jim Bradley Colonial Williamsburg Communications Manager said.

WILLIAMSBURG-- Forget the swords, muskets and cannons, police say a Colonial Williamsburg worker pulled out a handgun.

'He said several times he was going to shoot another employee,' Maj. Greg Riley noted.

According to a police report, Kevin Irish told another employee he wanted to kill their co-worker.

'Mr. Irish told the employee, he would punch the person and shoot him dead,' Riley added.

At that point, Riley said police couldn't charge Irish because he didn't threaten the employee directly.

'He did that through another person; state code doesn't recognize that as a threat,' he explained.

The situation escalated on November 2, when the worker reported that Irish showed her a handgun in a Colonial Williamsburg parking lot, authorities said.

'That was enough to place her in fear for the other worker's safety, but in fear of her own safety,' Riley noted.

About a week later, officers arrested Irish and charged him with brandishing a firearm.

Riley remarked Irish made Colonial Williamsburg history. 'It's the first case I can recall.'

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