3/27 UPDATE: Blair Carr asked for a competency evaluation Thursday, which will determine whether he's competent to stand trial, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said.

A Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court judge granted the request.

Carr also withdrew his request for bond.

His next hearing will be April 10.

3/25 UPDATE: The victim has been identified as 50-year-old Rosetta Carr, according to Virginia Beach police spokeswoman Tonya Borman.

The suspect, Blair Joshua Carr, 23, has been charged with murder.Carr is currently being held without bond at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Virginia Beach.

Rosetta Carr's older son, Brandon, said his mother always wanted to go back to school and graduated with a Business Administration degree last year.

Brandon says his younger bother moved back in with their mother in January and she wanted the 'baby of the family' to go back to school and was helping him find a job.

Brandon was not aware of any problems between his mother and younger brother.

VIRGINIA BEACH Police worked late into the evening Monday investigating a homicide in the city's Chimney Hill neighborhood.

Police were called to the 900 block of Sedley Road in the Chimney Hill area around 2 p.m. for reports of a woman found dead inside a house.

'When I got over there, they were arresting the young man who fell to his knees on the grass, and they took him away,' said Maxine Young, a resident who lives next door to the house where the woman's body was discovered. 'The ambulance went away with nobody in it.'

Investigators have been questioning a person of interest, according to police spokeswoman Tonya Borman.

So far police have not identified the victim, and have released few details about what happened inside the house leading up to the alleged murder.

'I don't understand what went wrong, and I'd love to know,' said Wonda Brown Smith, who drove from Norfolk to Virginia Beach concerned for her friend who lives on Sedley Road.

According to police spokeswoman Tonya Borman, it is an isolated incident.

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