YORK COUNTY- Investigators with the York-Poquoson Sheriff department are investigating a suspected arson.

A fire over the weekend, destroyed a shipping container behind Yorktown Middle School. The New Yorktown Patriots football league used the container to store equipment for concessions and cheer-leading outfits.

Players and cheerleaders in the league are between the ages of 6-14.

'All of our stoves, coolers, canopies, tables and cheer-leading uniforms went up in flames,' said Hank Healy, the league's president.

The damage is estimated to be between $8-10,000. The league does not have insurance. 'We're trying to pin down exactly what we lost and come up with an action plan,' added Healy.

Profits from concessions are used to pay the referees and cover other expenses associated with home games.

Jamie Vaughn, one of the team coaches has been visiting local businesses to drum up support.
'When I see something like his it just takes way from what we've built to keep the kids doing something positive and keep them from doing things they shouldn't be doing out on the streets, said Vaughn in dismay.

The league serves about 200 youngsters. Vaughn added, 'We want to save the season and the league.'

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