General Motors is now offering a special deal to more than two and a half million car owners. These owners were affected by GM's faulty ignition switch recall. The company is now allowing employee pricing to those car owners if they want to buy a new GM vehicle. The company is not saying how much employee pricing saves a buyer, but prices are generally under invoice.

When it comes to collecting baggage fees last year Delta was tops among US airlines, bringing in more than $833 million. United was second with nearly $625 million and US Airways came in third.

Have you heard of the popular dating app 'Tinder?' Turns out that same technology could be used to help you land your next job. It's called the 'Jobber' app. Here's how it works. The app gives job seekers a list of current postings. It also gives recruiters a list of potential candidates. If both parties express interest, then the app will bring them together to chat.

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